Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing CCTV Cameras

When we think of installing CCTV cameras the first aspect in our minds is the security it provides. However, that isn’t the only advantage, neither does it cover the disadvantages. There are many factors to consider before installing CCTV cameras in your workplace, public areas or even at home. While on the one hand, it does provide security and surveillance we also need to consider if we are violating others’ privacy or if we are covered legally in doing so. We have brought together the different advantages and disadvantages for you to consider before going ahead with the installation.


Deters Crime

“The deployment of CCTV camera systems has undeniably significant benefits. It’s difficult to prove their effectiveness in deterring violence, but it’s widely assumed. Customers who visit a shop knowing they are being recorded are much less likely to steal. Members of the public who are aware that a hospital’s waiting room is constantly monitored by CCTV are less likely to attack staff. CCTV makes everyone’s lives safer because it can detect incidents when they happen – such as on the highway – and dispatch assistance instantly. Without a doubt, it saves lives.  With the help of CCTV, missing persons can be identified, criminals can be tracked down, and injuries can be avoided. As CCTV surveillance systems are installed in homes, residents feel safer and more secure. The use of CCTV protection systems protects businesses, and with them, livelihoods, from fraud and monetary loss. For the most part, the benefits of surveillance outweigh the drawbacks.”

Adam Garcia, Founder of The Stock Dork

Decision Making

Shad Elia says “When it comes to resolving conflicts, surveillance camera video can be extremely useful. This is true in both domestic and business situations. You’ll know the truth by referring to CCTV videos, whether it’s dealing with family disputes, employee feuds, or altercations between staff and customers.”

Collect Evidence

“In the unlikely event that a crime occurs on your property, getting a CCTV system pays off because it allows you to gather information to help ‘suss out’ what happened. With additional information from a CCTV camera, such as dates, places, and, most importantly, perpetrators, crimes can be solved much more quickly.”

Shad Elia, Founder and CEO of  New England Home Buyers

Keep Track of Everything for Future Reference

“If you have a CCTV system, you won’t have to rely on your watchman or a passerby if you need to see what happened outside your home or business for some reason. Anything that happens when the camera is present can be captured and stored for later viewing.”

Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager Buyer’s Guide

It Can Reduce Workplace Theft

“One of the biggest benefits of installing CCTV cameras is that it can reduce workplace theft. Installing video surveillance devices at the entrance to your company is a perfect way to keep track of who comes in and is also in a great spot for people to see. The mere presence of a surveillance camera can discourage some illegal activity, and employees would likely regard it as an important part of keeping the workplace secure.”

Tanner Arnold, President & CEO of Revelation Machinery

Video Surveillance of Public Places Improves Public Safety

“We achieve improved house protection when we mount a home CCTV. Similarly, the primary advantage of video cameras in public places is an improvement in public safety. When out clubbing, shopping, or traveling, public surveillance cameras will keep you secure. Public surveillance cameras can be used to keep an eye on criminal activity. PTZ security cameras installed in public areas such as crosswalks, department stores, parking lots, museums, and concert halls have outstanding 360° seamless monitoring solutions. Furthermore, in some cases, crimes may be prevented before they start. If a suspicious person or persons, or objects, are seen in a location, the appropriate authorities may be called to move into the area before any harm or crime is done. Furthermore, any people in the vicinity can be evacuated as a precaution. People’s fear of crime can be minimized, while a sense of security is established since public safety is guaranteed.”

Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, CEO, Co-Founder of Dr. Brite


Privacy Concern

Anna Lind says, “The most common disadvantage that many people tend to consider is whether or not there will be privacy. There have been cases where surveillance cameras have been compromised in order to obtain sensitive information that has been misused. As a result, if used incorrectly, it may be a breach of privacy. Employees have taken legal action against their coworkers as a result of this.”

Price Concern

“Another significant drawback is the price. Installing the cameras is a costly proposition in and of itself. Furthermore, maintenance will put a significant dent in the finances of any homeowner or a business owner. As a result, you should think about whether spending too much money on the initial down payment and subsequent supplementary maintenance payments is really worth it for you. Certain people could be turned off at the expense of surveillance cameras. Installing a security device will cost thousands of dollars. Camera maintenance can be expensive as well. If you don’t have a lot of experience with wiring systems, you could end up damaging the cameras if you try to do it yourself.”

Anna Lind (CCFE), Chief Editor, Cryptoradar

It Has the Ability to be Controlled and Killed

“Even though cameras and their records are considered powerful pieces of evidence that can be stored for a long time, they can be lost or hacked. An attacker with enough intelligence can easily disable the camera or later obtain the recordings and destroy it to his benefit.”

Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager Buyer’s Guide

Surveillance Systems Can Be Abused Easily

“One disadvantage of CCTV in public areas is that it can be exploited. Information obtained by law enforcement may be used as a means of blackmail, which is one example of how a public camera might be misused. Voyeurism is another type of violence. Spying on women with public surveillance cameras is fairly normal, and it has become a problem that needs to be addressed. One of the most serious issues is the lack of control or limitations on the use of public cameras. There hasn’t been a strong check-and-balance scheme in place to deter violations until now.”

Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, CEO, Co-Founder of Dr. Brite

In the end, it is about the benefits outweighing the bad, however, that too needs to be done without abusing power and remaining within legal boundaries.

Brandon Bowen
Editor A linguistics graduate, Brandon makes sure that the contents the team produces are written in manners that appeal to a wide range of audiences.