American Express Platinum Military Benefits

American Express Platinum Military Benefits

The financial difficulties faced by military families, in particular, were brought to light years ago, and the U.S. government responded by introducing important legislation to help ease and control some of the more burdensome lending practices affecting military people.

American Express provides one of the best of these privileges. American Express waives the annual fee on many credit cards for active military members due to financial protections provided by the military. This includes Amex’s most prestigious card, The Platinum Card® from American Express, an annual cost of $695. 

Let’s look at the protections that military members receive and how to maximize the American Express Platinum military benefits available to serving military men and women.

Military Relief From American Express

American Express routinely waives membership fees for qualifying service members to avoid violating the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) or the Military Lending Act (MLA), which limits how much interest can be charged on credit lines. However, these apply at very different rates. Annual membership fees are included in the SCRA’s interest computation. 

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)Military Lending Act (MLA)
Established: 2003Cap of 6% interest ratePrior to active duty, credit must be obtainedSCRA relief is available to eligible Card Members from the commencement of active duty until 180 days after they leave active duty.Established: 2006Cap of 36% (Military Annual Percentage Rate)While in active duty, credit must be earnedAt the time of account opening, MLA relief is provided to qualified Card accounts. It is not necessary to enroll.

SCRA also provides significant safeguards to those who serve on active duty for the nation’s defense and allows Servicemembers and their spouses to decrease the burden of some civil obligations while on active duty in specific cases. Community property laws may apply according to every state.

MLA and their family are given key protections for consumer credit extensions while on active duty.

Membership Rewards Points

Active military personnel access the American Express Platinum Card’s Membership Rewards program. They can earn five times the points for every dollar spent on flights and hotels booked through American Express’s travel platform. 

For every dollar spent on approved purchases, they can receive one point. Points accumulate quickly and can be redeemed for purchases in shopping, dining, and entertainment. They can also be used to make travel arrangements.

Best Military American Express Cards For Military Folks 

With annual fees ranging from $0 to $550, American Express offers a wide range of attractive credit and charge card products. Here are a few of the best cards to consider if you’re an eligible service member—or are about to join the service.

In paying respect to the incredible service of those who served in the U.S. military, American Express went above and beyond the legal requirements. Explore our resources at PAGuard to learn more about military benefits and privileges in the United States.

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