Best Apps and Software Catered to Law Firms

Law Firms have to grapple with a hectic caseload, multiple clients and piles of paperwork daily. While their job is frenzied, to say the least, it doesn’t have to be a stressful hassle. There are numerous apps designed that can aid them in their everyday juggling of multiple tasks.


“Zelican is a robust lawyer program with an easy-to-use user interface and a modern appearance. It is a  cloud-based legal practice management platform that can handle all of the activities of law firms, lawyers, and attorneys. It offers client data management, billing management, time tracking management and much more. It enables you to provide unrivaled productivity to your company whilst gaining the confidence of your customers.”

Tony Kelly, CEO at CameraGroove


“iSmartLaw is a full Law Practice Management system for your law firm that includes Time, Billing, Litigation, and Matter management software. Ismartlaw provides an end-to-end enterprise business management approach that enables law firms and professional services companies to handle all operational aspects of their businesses, such as business growth, risk management, customer and matter management, and financial management.”

Chana Charach, Managing Editor at


“This cloud-based software (SaaS model) is very effective for small offices such as Advocates, Charted Accountants, Company Secretaries, and other service-oriented businesses that provide services to a variety of other businesses/customers. The app handles all customer requests, problems, regular/repeated task logging, and management.”

Brian Chung, CEO & Co-Founder of Alabaster


“Lawyers require a cloud-based legal practice management system that allows them to run their businesses from anywhere. Clio’s mobile app solution helps lawyers to access client data safely, remotely, and at any time. Lawyers can monitor time, display client information, build new matters and contacts, and more with the Clio mobile app. Clio also integrates with many of the other legal applications on this list (we have over 200 total integration partners), allowing you to manage your entire practice from one location. ‘Clio Manage’ also integrates with ‘Clio Develop’, allowing the firm to have a seamless client experience from intake to invoice.”

Veronica Miller, Cybersecurity Expert at VPNoverview

Spark for Lawyer

“Readdle’s Spark is a clever solution to the overburdened email inbox. In a Smart Inbox, Spark’s AI system categorizes and prioritizes messages so that lawyers can focus on their most critical tasks first. It also enables lawyers to restrict email alerts to urgent communications and communicate with other members of their team in order to reduce email thread backtracking and streamline communication about particular assignments, programs, and messages.”

Andrew Smith, Founder and Editor in Chief CozySeating


“Lawcus allows attorneys to quickly simplify their procedures. In addition, they will provide more transparent assistance to their customers. The law firm app helps you envision your matters and saves you time. When time goes by, drag and drop matters. You may also use the cloud to store projects, documents, and appointments. As a consequence, you can work at any time and from any place. (It) features: The Kanban boards for visualizing issues are something that only a few competitors have. The ability to use the same tools for CRM and project management is a huge plus. Furthermore, customer service is extremely attentive and responsive to suggestions.”

Darshan Somashekar, Founder & CEO at Spider Solitaire Challenge


“App4Legal is one of the most user-friendly law practice management systems available. App4Legal allows you to concentrate on the innovative and problem-solving aspects of your job. The software is designed for lawyers and has a very lawyer-user-friendly layout. There isn’t much of a learning curve because lawyers and attorneys can pick it up easily. The law firm applications can be installed on a computer or in the cloud. Additionally, it can be downloaded to your iOS or Android smartphone. It comes with an incredible number of features and can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Lawyers can also get personal one-on-one training through App4Legal.”

Dennis Thankachan, CEO  Lightyear


“The cornerstone of a law firm’s smooth running is timekeeping. As a result, finding a trustworthy method that allows lawyers to easily calculate accurate work time estimates is critical when developing the software ecosystem. Aside from the ability to set varying billable rates for different customers, legal professionals may perform a variety of tasks such as rounding hours, producing reports, and budgeting recurring assignments to save time on administrative tasks due to time use. A legal time monitoring solution requires a time tracker to link directly to a payment system, project management, and the ability to create invoices from the app menu as well as generate various reports. TMetric is a platform that fulfills these needs There is an iOS version as well as an Android app.”

Todd Perry, Head of Content at Outdoor Gadget Review

Lawyer Case Diary

“There is a Lawyer Case Diary app if you like anything more professional in terms of planners. This app was created for law firm staff to help them manage their Case Diary/Legal Diary on their mobile devices. A lawyer can effectively handle client information, contact information, and case portfolio by incorporating this tool into their everyday routine. It also has a feature that reminds you of upcoming cases. The tools for instant browsing the clients’ database, inserting and reviewing new cases, dealing with the records and database in offline mode, accessing hearings with one click, and handling court lists are all features worth considering.”

Naomi Bishop, Chief Insurance Officer – Surfky

With all these applications, legal professionals could bring order to the chaos of caseloads. Lawyers and law firms could better utilize their time in higher-level tasks rather than basic management of documents and data. It could greatly boost their productivity and efficiency.

Leona Rankin
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