Top 7 Best Tobacco Flavoured Vape Juice for 2021

This article is a roundup hot on the heels of our recent roundup of the top 10 vape juice brands of 2021. 

Finding the Right Vape Juice for You

Well, here we are in 2021. You might be feeling a little more sophisticated these days and maybe you’re starting to think it’s time to move away from childish things and put away some of the bubblegum blueberry flavored beet juice and move on to something a little bit more sophisticated to go in your electronic pipe. 

Please note that these tobacco juices are not arranged in order of excellence. These are simply a roundup of some of our favorite tastiest tobacco flavor juices that were available this year. Without further ado, let’s kick off. 

Golden Elixir

Golden elixir, gives a slightly new edge to something you might already be used to. You’ve got toffee and caramel applying themselves to that lovely golden tobacco flavor that gives it an excellent sweet kick. something nice for the traditional tobacco smoke who’s got a little bit of a sweet tooth.

Original Tobacco

Now there are a great many vapers out there who simply aren’t interested in a raspberry blueberry bubblegum biscuit flavour, and frankly all they want is something that’s going to replicate that 20-a-day habit that they’ve been working on for years. What you’ve got with tobacco original is a deep, dark, earthy, rich tobacco flavor about any of the associated carcinogens. 


Butterscotch reserved takes a traditional flavor and slightly alters it. What you’ve got here is you’ve got the usual tobacco and caramel, but then they also add a deliciously heavy dollop of butterscotch into the mix, giving it a fantastically rich rounded kind of sugary flavor. A delicious and delectable mature flavor, almost like the vapeable equivalent of spooky classical music from the fireplace.

Golden Silver

Golden Silver is a little different from the other ones mentioned before. Iike tobacco original, Golden Silver is instead an attempt to perfectly replicate the very distinctive peculiar flavor of packet style cigarettes. These attempt to replicate that excellent, subtle, smoky, almost ephemeral flavor of a packet of 26. They’re popular now, some produces a vape juice who were never out of that element that’s right. 

Honey Roasted 

Honey roasted is yet again another similar to our for flavor however with a slight difference, you’ve got the usual smooth tobacco with a nice dollop of caramel but also as honey roasted as you might get gas has a tiny dollop of delectable honey, just spicing everything up. The main selling point of this, however, is of course the nicotine salt content. Nic salts are a little different from traditional nicotine solutions. They allow you to inhale large quantities of very high strength vape without any of the chest discomforts that a lot of new smokers associate with vaping a fantastic choice and nice to see element coming out with something that’s got such a deep and earthy rich flavor. 

Virginia Tobacco

This is an exceptionally popular e-liquid. Lots of people around here don’t take cigarettes out of their pocket when they smoke; they roll them with their hands. Virginia is an attempt to perfectly replicate that unique flavor. The extremely stripped back subtle edge of smokiness that you get from a hand rolled cigarette. Virginia continues to be one of my personal favorite e liquids for tobacco flavor and we are never going to stop making this one it just goes. 

Tobacco Original (Nic-Salted) 

Now as we previously mentioned with the elements in honey-roasted nic salts are an alternative nicotine solution that allow the user to inhale vast quantities of nicotine without any of the kind of chest discomfort that some recent smokers do find when they start vaping a lot of people come off of relatively high habits and they need something that’s going to be quite strong however, they’re not quite used to vaping nicotine yet and this is what nic salts are for. They are smooth, they are flavor some they won’t give you any of that nasty raspy cough, but they generally allow you to inhale large strings of nicotine. This one here is 20 milligrams which is the UK legal limit, but when you vape it feels like three milligram. That said you are getting all of that relief and satisfaction.

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