How does Illegal Immigration Affect National Security

The twenty-first century is the era of migration, with tourists, employees, and even human traffickers contributing to the inflow and outflow of people to and from different countries. The future holds many opportunities for countless people with different backgrounds worldwide who will come together for one common goal: progress! 

Migration always has positive and negative impacts on countries and their security status. Global Mobility, a highly stratified phenomenon that impacts political relationships between countries economically and socio-economically, is at the forefront of Globalism.

In recent years, international migration has made its way to the top of many security agendas. This issue is particularly prevalent in countries such as Europe and North America, where there are tight immigration laws aimed at stemming terrorism by limiting the people who can enter these continents from abroad. This perception about immigrants being a threat dates back centuries ago.

Migration traces its roots way back into history, with some people often moving across borders to seek new challenges or opportunities while others seeking safety after fleeing violence. So what does security mean? Security broadly refers to the absence of threats and fear.

With illegal immigration continuing to play a dominant role in US politics, it is no wonder that tension between those who favor deportation and others advocating for more services or educational opportunities for immigrants has increased steadily over time. Some hotly emphasize the need to deport all immigrants, while others subtly point out the potentially positive impacts of this population shift. However, both sides are equally passionate about their stances on what needs to be done concerning undocumented citizens living within the US today. Although immigration is not necessarily a burden on the nation, illegal immigration poses grave national security concerns that need to be analyzed, and the concerned authorities should intervene appropriately.

Immigration provides several benefits, such as diversifying and enriching the country’s culture and providing cheap labor. However, there are different threats that illegal immigrants pose to national security. First of all, they grab all the low-paying jobs that could have been employment opportunities for the country’s citizens. Since they are undocumented, they do not pay taxes, which has a significant negative impact on the economy. The US taxpayers bear the cost of educating and providing healthcare services to immigrants. Due to the abject poverty these immigrants face, they are more likely to turn to crime, drug use, narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, and other crimes. 

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Brandon Bowen
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