How Video Analytics Can Help Businesses In The Future

How Video Analytics Can Help Businesses In The Future

Business security is a crucial aspect in running a business, as there are many malware and spyware software trying to hack and steal vital business-related data. This can be detrimental, based on observations by Frontier Blades Chief Executive Officer Bill Joseph, as businesses rely on confidential information in maintaining the integrity of their business.

He currently runs an online e-commerce store and utilizes a wide array of confidential data in its day-to-day operations; hence, any hackers obtaining this information can cause damaging effects to the short-term and long-term health of his online business. Customer data, login information, product data, expenses, costs are all examples of confidential information that cannot be hampered with or the effects can be devastating to any business regardless of size.

Joseph adds that video analytics can provide analytical data on how to safely store vital information. Analytical data can explain the various ways data can be stored online under protective keys in order to prevent hacking and information theft. Moreover, video analytics software provides surveillance video that a security guard or system manager does not need to be present in monitoring the activity of the business. Surveillance videos provided by analytical software can help keep crucial information safe and healthy in the long-term prospect of the business.

Furthermore, there is much confidential information that cannot afford to be stolen or hampered in any manner whatsoever regardless of the size of the business. Video analytics helps this aspect by performing a wide array of tasks such as identifying various types of content such as motion detection, facial recognition, vehicle counting, traffic detection, and more.

These wide ranges of activities help keep important information safe for the business from any potential threat. Ultimately, there can be no trespassers in harming the business when video analytics utilizes its wide array of detection strategies.

Appreciating the Importance of a Video Analytics Metric

Analytics helps you estimate the number of people who cared enough to watch your content.

Play rate is a video analytics metric that enables you to estimate how many people have seen your video and/or have stepped away, as well as how many people have stopped to really watch it. According to Shiv Gupta, the Chief Executive Officer of Incrementors Web Solution, it helps you estimate the number of people who cared enough to watch your video after they had access to it.

What better way is there to measure your video resolution than the one which shows the ratio of people who came over your video and were interested enough by the title, the thumbnail, etc. to watch it and those who did not watch it. There is no denying that in the long run, this will be absolutely beneficial to organizations across various fields.

In addition, Robert Sollars, the Founder of Sollars Violence Prevention suggests that video can help any business with its analytics in the future, that is if you do not simply record over the discs/tapes and keep records of what is on them. It will potentially help catch criminals, provide evidence for vandalism, assault, or just about any kind of incident.

Those items have proven valuable in the past to convict bar owners/employees of impropriety against customers and/or employees. Lastly, Sollars advises that they should be kept for a minimum of 18 months.

Understanding Its Use in Content Marketing

Analytics are everything because they tell you exactly what you need to know about your business

This facet holds especially true for commission-based professions like realtors. Tony Mariotti, licensed real estate agent and the Chief Executive Officer of Ruby Home, doubles down on the importance of videos in content marketing to drive organic traffic, as well as empower and inform their clients.

According to Mariotti, their team at RubyHome has created and published some videos to update their clients and potential clients on real estate statistics in the markets they serve. Videos allow them to speak face to face with their customers and have more reach to potential buyers who have not yet discovered their site, blog, and more.

He adds that video analytics will be super important through to the new year and beyond because shareable content is significant to businesses to build rapport with clients and reach potential ones so the feedback that comes from the analytics will lead to improve and streamline efficiency while creating new videos.


Recently, video has been gaining traction as an effective marketing tool. Reuben Yonatan, GetVoIP’s Chief Executive Officer points out that as of 2020, Google noted that six out of 10 people prefer online videos over TV. In the future, video analytics will help marketers optimize their marketing efforts and gain an advantage over everyone else who will be using video for marketing.

Analytics are everything because they tell you exactly what you need to know about your business security—where your vulnerabilities are, what they are, if you are at risk, etc. Heinrich Long, a Privacy Expert for Restore Privacy claims that this is an extraordinarily valuable opportunity for businesses because it feeds them all the important info that they can then act on to strengthen their security.

We sure hope this article helps you to better understand the importance of video and video analytics to businesses. Be sure to leave a comment down below and share with us your thoughts on the subject.

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