What Is The Job Of The National Security Council

What Is The Job Of The National Security Council

The National Security Council is the President’s principal office for decision-making in national security and foreign policy. The members include senior officials from different federal agencies to ensure that everyone has a say when it comes to the most important matters.

Today’s challenges require a new and broader understanding of national security that facilitates domestic and foreign policy coordination. This requires traditional areas such as national security, economic security, health security to work in conjunction with environmental issues under the Biden-Harris NSC.

The President chairs the National Security Council (NSC). Its regular attendees are the Vice President, Secretary of State, Treasury Secretary, Defense Secretary, and Energy Department representative; Attorney General; Homeland Security Director; U.S Representative to United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley; White House Chief of the Staff John Kelly, as well as Assistant to The Presidency for National Affairs McMaster.

The Joint Chiefs Chairman is the military advisor to the Council, and the Director of National Intelligence is an intelligence advisor. Counsel to President and Legal Advisor are invited to attend each and every NSC meeting.

The heads of the other executive agencies and departments and high-ranking officials from around the country, are invited to attend meetings to address cross-cutting issues that impact national security. These include climate change, public health concerns like malaria outbreaks or Ebola epidemics, international economics related to trade barriers between nations, and labor shortages due to a worker shortage crisis in certain sectors.

By the National Security Act of 1947, The National Security Council was established, which is part of a larger organization under President Truman called the Reorganization Plan. This plan also included several other organizations that worked alongside the NSC to protect and further U.S interests abroad, such as The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department Of Defense (DOD), and Joint Chiefs Of Staff(JCS).

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