10 Signs You Should Become a Lawyer

10 Signs You Should Become a Lawyer

Getting admitted to study in the university is tough, and deciding on what degree to study is perhaps tougher. Your mom wants you to be a doctor. Your dad thinks engineering is more suitable given your math skills. Then there’s your uncle who thinks architecture is your college because he wants so you sketch a nice house. But an inner voice has been telling you studying law wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

This can be all too much for your inexperienced self, and you may end up studying a course you have little passion for so in this article, we’ll look at why law might just be your calling and eight signs that you should consider becoming one. 

Is Law the Right Career for You? 

Keep in mind that just taking off one or two of the signs is not enough reason to consider pursuing a career in law. You need a combination of at least five of the signs to make the grade one big books don’t scare you. 

Enjoying Reading

Are you intrigued with going through bookshelves? Do you find it fun reading big books, journals and newspapers around the house? Do you spend hours running through books seeking information? Well, that could be a sign you’ll make a lawyer law school demands long hours in the library you will be scoring enormous legal textbooks and limitless case files if you’re a quick reader, it will be an added advantage. 

Being a smart reader will get you even further. This means you know how to take apart a reading identify the key points, draw relevant conclusions and highlight the parts you know you’ll need to revisit later on. 

Seeing Different Sides of a Story

Reading well is not enough to make a good lawyer after all, a potential scientist will possess similar quality. What will matter most is the nature of topics you find more interesting to you try to get all angles of a story. Being able to get all angles of a story is a skill man for law school, you will make a good liar. If you always strive to hear the other side of the story. 

Digging deeper beyond the surface to get to the root of a matter is also a bonus. Your ability to dissect complicated situations and determine the facts of the case will come in handy as a lawyer.

Arguing to Prove a Point 

This is the most common reason people are given to join law school. If you can hold your ground and argue for hours just to convince other people to buy your point of view, you may want to save all that energy for law school. Seriously though, why waste all that energy arguing on vain things when you could be making real money bamboozling a judge with section after section of the Constitution that exonerates your client for you stand for what you believe in? 

Believing in Your Client

This is very important in law, you will likely handle cases that don’t have a lot of compelling evidence to back them up. In such situations, you have no other choice than to believe in your client and fight for that person as if his or her case is your own. You must be prepared to stand up for what you believe despite constant negative forces who tried to defeat your claims. 

Exuding Confidence

Do you hold your ground and keep your cool when faced with a barrage of backlash? Oh, well then you should be a lawyer because that happens quite a lot in the field. You’ll be under attack on a regular basis. You need confidence to defend your claims. Lack of it will make you struggle and no client wants a lawyer who lacks confidence.

Having Integrity

The profession has no room for unethical behavior. You could get disbarred if you are found wanting due to one unethical behavior or misconduct. Simply put, integrity is essential in a successful law career. If you have this quality, you may want to consider a law degree. 

Honesty and being able to stand up for what is right even when under pressure will also set you apart in the legal profession. 

Paying Attention to Detail

This is a gift not very many people have. If you’re someone that catches and remembers even the smallest detail about everything law is made for you. Law school forces you to think on your toes (and most of the time, out loud). It’s going to require you to handle multiple storylines and facts to keep track of everything you encounter on a daily basis facts, dates, figures, definitions of legal jargon and case studies, and their verdict are just some of the things you need to remember. 

Organization, discipline, and razor sharp focus a just a few traits that every law school hopeful should possess. If you have this, welcome to law. 

Enjoying Debates

This is different from arguing in the sense that debates are more organized and with fewer interruptions. If you’re fascinated by two people stating facts while at the same time trying to counteract the other person’s point. Being a lawyer gives you the chance to do that in court.

Being attorney of child custody is one of the best chances to challenge ones intelligence inside the court.

Possessing Good Time Management Skills

You’re probably thinking, “what has the time got to do with law?” The answer is on average studying law full time can take about three to five years. It all depends on what part of the world you’re studying from that’s five years of demanding course loads often well into your prime young adult years. You’ll probably be glued to your work while your friends are partying and having fun.

Law is demanding and to be a good lawyer you need to use your time judiciously. This skill will also come in handy when you’re in the courtroom causing a witness can be tough, and you need to keep the time every second matters in law, and if you’re good with time, you just might make a good lawyer.

Keeping Secrets

This is almost the cardinal rule of lawyers. Lawyers adjust behind priests in the order of people who hear confessions the most if you have carved a niche for yourself among friends and family. As someone who can be trusted to keep a secret, you may want to take that skill to law and be a lawyer, you will probably have to hear more serious secrets from your clients. Some confessions will be gross, but given your history, you will not have a hard time keeping them safe. 

As mentioned earlier, don’t want to study law because you think of a few of the signs you have to check up at least five of the signs and you have to understand the intricacies of studying law and the legal profession. Ultimately, if you’re a passionate about the legal profession and see you have a number of the required quality by all means, go for it. 

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