The Best Tactical Belt To Invest In

No matter the situation, a tactical belt is an absolute must-have piece of equipment when it comes to personal and general security. Not only will investing in a solid tactical belt keep your pants in place, but they’re also sturdy and adaptable enough to be utilized as a makeshift tourniquet or rappelling gear during an emergency. 

Read on to see which tactical belt fro our list is best for your outdoor needs.

A Tactical Belt That’s Right For You

  • Carrying Guns: Security personnel and those who bear firearms require a gun belt that can carry heavy gear. Tactical belts are made in such a way that they do not bend, sag, or stretch when a gun is holstered.
  • Rescue Training and Rappelling: Certain tactical belts have a clip device for attaching a carabiner, as well as a robust tension-locking clasp capable of withstanding huge tensile pressure. These can be advantageous for instructors who conduct rescue training with other folks on high ground.
  • Everyday Wear: Certain tactical belts are made of nylon webbing and have a unique buckle that is tensioned primarily by friction. These belts are typically used in casual settings and are intended for everyday utility, such as holding up your pants, as well as concealed carry purposes.

Types Of Tactical Belts

A tactical belt can be used for a variety of purposes, including shooting range use, everyday carry or both. These are the three main types:

  • Duty Belt: With a large belt width, duty belts are ideal for carrying accessories around the waist while not in uniform. Although it does not provide any support for pants, uniformed personnel are required to wear them for heavy tactical gear.
  • Rigger’s Belt: These tactical belts are 1.75 inches wide, midway between a duty and a regular leather belt. The rigger’s belt fits most pant loops, provides support, and has a ring for attaching a carabiner. 
  • EDC Belt: At 1.5 inches wide, EDC belts are ideal for carrying minimal tactical gear. The best ones are as strong as tactical leather belts. Although this is a thin belt, it’s strong enough to be used as a training/range rig. 

5 Best Tactical Belts To Have In 2022

The ideal tactical belt is the one that works best to suit your requirements. Here’s a variety of belts from those you can use as everyday belts, to large gun belts and even concealed carry.

Product NameCondor Tactical BeltJUKMO Tactical Belt5.11 Tactical Convertable TDU BeltJASGOOD Nylon Canvas Tactical Waist BeltJumbofit Tactical Military Work Belt
Price$16.95$18.98$21.00$4.99 – $11.99$16.99
Waist SizeUp to 44″Multiple SizesMultiple SizesUp to 40″Up to 40″
Extra StorageYesNoNoYesYes
Buckle MaterialPlasticAluminum AlloyPlasticPlasticAluminum Alloy
Water Resistance NoYesYesYesYes

1. Condor Tactical Belt

Condor Tactical Belt
  • Price: $16.95
  • Waist Size: Up to 44″
  • Extra Storage: Yes
  • Buckle Material: Plastic
  • Water Resistance: No

The Condor Tactical Belt is one of the best tactical belts with an adjustable fit that works for most people with up to a 44″ waistline. It’s on the wider side and has a waterproof quick-release plastic buckle as well as two detachable pistol magazine pockets.

More affordable than other tactical beltsPlastic buckle isn’t ideal for heavy gear
Can fit almost everyoneVelcro strap on removable gun pouches
Multi-purpose and customizableMay require additional webbing

2. JUKMO Tactical Belt

JUKMO Tactical Belt
  • Price: $18.98
  • Waist Size: Multiple Sizes
  • Extra Storage: No
  • Buckle Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Water Resistance: Yes

This belt is as narrow as an EDC but packs all the essential features of a rigger belt. It has excellent support with a lightweight but heavy-duty buckle made of aluminum alloy and is made of a high-quality stretch nylon for mobility that doesn’t sacrifice durability. It’s the best choice for people who want to carry moderately heavy gear without the bulk.

Lightweight metal buckleMay trigger metal detectors
Stretch nylon materialNot ideal for heavy gear and guns
Comes in multiple sizesDoes not hold pants up

3. 5.11 Tactical Convertable TDU Belt

5.11 Tactical Convertable TDU Belt
  • Price: $21.00
  • Waist Size: Multiple Sizes
  • Extra Storage: No
  • Buckle Material: Plastic
  • Water Resistance: Yes

This is a versatile tactical or patrol nylon belt that works well in a variety of settings. This belt may be transformed into a stable tie down, a supplementary strap, or a rappel device thanks to its convenient fastening and highly durable nylon material.

Multifunctional tactical belt Non quick release buckle
Suitable tactical belt for outdoor wearTactical pants are necessary for gear
Ultra strong nylon meshAdditional cost for larger sizes

4. JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Tactical Waist Belt

JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Tactical Waist Belt
  • Price: $4.99 – $11.99
  • Waist Size: Up to 40″
  • Extra Storage: Yes
  • Buckle Material: Plastic
  • Water Resistance: Yes

This nylon tactical belt is excellent for daily wear since it looks like a regular belt. It fits through with most belt loops and is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and fishing. It has a seat belt buckle mechanism that lets you wear it conveniently and adjust it according to your intended use.

Automatically adjustable lengthDoesn’t have many belt features
Great tactical belt for casual wearCan barely carry any gear
More visually appealing than other beltsPlastic buckle may not suit everyday clothing

5. Jumbofit Tactical Military Work Belt

Jumbofit Tactical Military Work Belt
  • Price: $16.99
  • Waist Size: Up to 40″
  • Extra Storage: Yes
  • Buckle Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Water Resistance: Yes

Although this belt’s buckle isn’t made from pure steel,  its material boasts aviation class aluminum alloy which is processed with copper and stainless steel for maximum durability. Made with 100% nylon, it can be used for multiple purposes. It can also fit most belt loops and comes with a detachable pouch with molle webbing for carrying tactical gear.

Lightweight and modularNot available without the pouch and clip.
Comes with a water bottle clipHas a logo on the buckle
Budget-friendlyElasticity may be too much for some users

Choosing The Best Tactical Belt

In order to get the most value for your money when buying tactical belts, you need to determine what you really need and what you can do with your belt. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Price: Although the best tactical belts come with a hefty price tag, it’s best to stay within budget and focus on which one suits your requirements.
  • Waist Size: Some tactical belts are adjustable but you have to make sure that your belt can be adjusted to the most secure fit.
  • Extra Storage: EDC nylon belts are great for rappelling, tie-downs, and even tourniquets. However, if you need to carry gear, it’s ideal to get a rigger or duty belt.
  • Buckle Material: Steel and aluminum alloy are sturdy but if you have a metal allergy or need waterproofing, a plastic tactical belt buckle is the fitting choice.
  • Water Resistance: If you spend most of your time outdoors, a plastic buckle and water-resistant material would be better for you than a thick, absorbent belt with metal parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering what else you need to consider when it comes to getting a tactical belt, the answers to these questions might help.

How do I set up my tactical belt?

Military and law enforcement personnel set their belts up in a specific way but the best tactical belt setup is whatever maximizes your belt according to your needs

What are the other ways I can use my tactical belt?

Since most EDC and rigger belts are made of nylon, they can be used for multiple purposes the way you would use rope, especially if you have companions or a security or attack dog with you.

Do I really need a tactical belt?

Even if you’re not looking for the best tactical gun belt for firearms, investing in a tactical belt gives you the option to wear something inconspicuous for your everyday security and safety. 
Your tactical belt’s specifications will depend on your security requirements and investing in one involves knowing how it can help you stay safe and secure everyday. For news and information on personal security and overall safety, head over to PA Guard today.