The Importance of Information Technology in Business Today

Simply put, information technology (IT) is the backbone of all businesses today. With data and innovation becoming the main drivers of business, information technology is really the key to unlocking the true potential of your business. Irrespective of the field your business may be in, it is crucial to have your information technology setup right from the start as otherwise, you can get hindered by performance issues, high sunk costs of buying infrastructure, problems in managing resources efficiently to drive business outcomes and more. On the other hand, smartly integrated and planned information technology can help your business thrive by enabling enhanced productivity, more efficient processes, help build smarter applications, improved data storage, faster processing, and even help in proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

Thanks to the pandemic, in 2020, the global information technology juggernaut took a small hit in overall revenue with research consultancy IDC downgrading its global projections to $4.8 trillion for the year, as opposed to the original estimate of $5.2 trillion. However, IDC projects that the sector is on track to reach $5 trillion in 2021 with a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the industry through 2024. With that in mind, let’s take a look at exactly why information technology is so critical for businesses. 

Why is Information Technology Important in Business?

  • Information technology allows smarter business decisions – Have you ever thought about all the technology that goes behind your market research initiatives to drive decisions? Whether you are busy engaging your teams in brainstorming through video conferences, taking the pulse of consumers on social media and surveys or using tools like Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Google Analytics – the technologies you depend on for smarter business decisions are all powered by information technology. Managed IT services Vermont can help you get started with the right technical tools for the most incisive market research.
  • IT is helping employees be more effective – Let’s count the ways information technology facilitates work and makes it easy for your employees to stay engaged and focused. In the current environment, all your work is dependent on reliable and secure connectivity and communications for all your dispersed employees working from home. It facilitates collaboration and communication through video meetings, calls, file sharing, and other productivity tools. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind in knowing that your work is getting delivered on schedule, your customers are enjoying uninterrupted services and most importantly, that all of your sensitive business data is secure through information technology. Digital transformation has also helped core business functions, such as, the finance and HR departments, to automate critical functions, like, payroll, leaving employees free to focus on the work they are hired to do.

Information technology is the key to delivering consumer-grade experience, smooth processes, and peak efficiencies in performance and enterprise-grade security in your business so your employees can bring their best to the table too.

  • Information Technology improves business communication – Currently, this is perhaps the most critical function being served by information technology.  All your tools of business communication such as email, Skype, instant messaging, business phones, video conferencing tools depend on smooth information technology setup and maintenance to deliver a seamless experience. Inefficiencies or breakdowns in these can prove fatal for any business and your information technology needs to be up to the scratch in handling any challenges here.
  • IT improves communication with customers – Whether it’s fast shipping or the forums section on your website, or your customer support email function – technological competence determines any business’ ability to communicate with customers. The better your communication with customers, the more your business’ perception grows with your target consumer base. 
  • Cracking complex business problems with information technology – Better hardware and smarter applications have now made it easier than ever to manipulate complex sets of data to arrive at actionable business insights. With data intelligence fast becoming the core differentiator between competing businesses, the role of information technology here can be crucial to your business’ long-term sustainability. 
  • Information technology powers security from cyber attacks – With most businesses under attack every 39 seconds, it goes without saying that cyber security is the need of the hour. Your information technology is your first and pretty much the strongest line of defense against cyber attacks. This can help stop your sensitive business data and valuable customer information from falling into the wrong hands. As companies increasingly move their data to the edge, securing edge networks has become a challenging aspect of security. Effective security strategy that covers all networks, applications and data, access points, remote logins, services and service providers is a critical need for businesses right now. Moreover, going forward from the pandemic, security strategies will need to further evolve to encompass in-office staff as well as remote workers.
  • Information technology equals enhanced customer support – Getting the user experience right is an integral component of business transformation. Whether it’s through establishing peak usability of applications for employees or external customers or, ensuring timely follow-ups and communication – information technology is integral to enhancing your customer’s perception and experience of your brand through effective and prompt customer support. 
  • Information Technology saves time and money – With increasing levels of automation across functions, technology now performs many critical, but routine tasks that needed human intervention before. This allows your human resources to be used more effectively by letting them focus on higher level, more challenging tasks. This can save you a pretty chunk in the long-term through reduced employee expenses and improved productivity.
  • At the end of the day, technology does not just facilitate business but also allows for growth and continued tweaks to operational efficiency improvement and much more besides. To unleash the full power of the best of technology available in the market, you should consider having business and technology partners who are truly aligned with your long-term visions and know exactly what technical solutions can help you get to your objectives faster. Digital transformation, as provided by IT consulting Vermont has the power to be truly transformative for companies who harness its powers right through the right consultation and guidance.  

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