What Are The Top Emerging Cyber Security Challenges Threatening National Security?

The rapid advancement and usage of internet-connected technologies have led to an increased risk of cyberattacks. Cyber attacks commonly use malware to target vulnerabilities in modern technologies. With cybercriminals getting more sophisticated and targeting vulnerable points in critical operations, there is a rising national security threat in cyberspace. 

We brought in the experts to explain the top emerging national security cyber threats.

Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks are emerging as one of the biggest cybersecurity threats to US national security. This form of attack entails crippling or destabilizing an organization by delivering viruses and malware via less secure vendors/suppliers. 

The recent SolarWinds cyber-attack that targeted governmental agencies, amongst other groups, via their suppliers and vendors is an example of a wide-scale supply chain attack. It has been reported that nine federal agencies had their networks breached during this attack. The hacking group’s aim of targeting these agencies was to gain access to US’ cybersecurity policies, techniques, and tools. 

With access to these materials, the hacking group sought to improve its espionage capabilities, as well as identify and take advantage of any vulnerabilities in the US’ current measures. Moreover, the group was also keen to use this US intelligence to develop better techniques of avoiding detection during future attacks on targeted American systems. We are yet to fully establish the extent of this attack and its future ramifications on national security.

Eric McGee, Senior Network Engineer at TRGDatacenters

BYOD Policies

Most companies have a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy in place for their employees. Having such systems creates a number of issues in terms of cyber security. For starters, if the gadget is running an outdated or pirated version of the software, it is already a prime target for hackers.

Hackers can readily obtain confidential corporate data because the method is utilized for both personal and professional objectives. Second, if their security is hacked, these devices make it easier to gain access to your private network. As a result, firms should abandon BYOD practices in favor of providing safe devices to employees, as such systems present huge issues in terms of computer security and network compromise. 

Daniel Carter, SEO Manager of Skuuudle

AI And Machine Learning Attacks

While Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies have proven to be extremely advantageous for significant development in a variety of fields, they are not without flaws. These technologies can be used by criminals to carry out cyberattacks and constitute a threat to enterprises.

These tools can be used to find high-value targets in a huge dataset. Another major issue in India is machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) assaults. Due to our country’s lack of cybersecurity knowledge, a sophisticated attack may prove too difficult to handle.

Hassan Usmani, the Tech Expert at YEELIGHT

Vulnerabilities in Software

Even the most modern software contains vulnerabilities that could provide substantial difficulties to Cyber Security in 2020, given the increased adoption of digital devices. Individuals and businesses rarely update the software on these devices because they believe it is unnecessary.

However, keeping your device’s software up to date should be a major priority. An older software version may contain updates for security flaws that developers have addressed in the newer version. One of the most difficult difficulties in cyber security is attacks on unpatched software versions. These assaults, like Windows zero-day attacks, are frequently carried out on a huge number of people.

Darsh Ray, CEO & Founder of Job Alert

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Attacks

While blockchain and cryptocurrencies may not be familiar to the typical internet user, these technologies are extremely important to businesses. As a result, attacks on these frameworks represent significant issues in Cyber Security for enterprises, as they might jeopardize client data and business operations. 

These technologies have progressed beyond their infancy but have not yet reached an advanced secure stage. As a result, various attacks have occurred, including DDOS, Sybil, and Eclipse, to mention a few. As a result, organizations must be aware of the security risks associated with these technologies and ensure that no gaps are left open for intruders to infiltrate and exploit.

Tyler Martin here, Founder and Certified Business Coach at ThinkTyler

Cloud-Based Attacks

The majority of us now use cloud services for both personal and business purposes. Additionally, one of the issues in Cyber Security for businesses is hacking cloud platforms to steal customer data. We’ve all heard about the infamous iCloud breach, which exposed celebrities’ private images. If such an attack is carried out on enterprise data, it might constitute a significant threat to the firm, possibly leading to its demise. 

Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager of Buyer’s Guide

Internet Of Things Attacks

According to IoT Analytics, by 2021, there will be approximately 11.6 billion IoT devices. IoT devices are computational, digital, and mechanical devices that can transfer data independently via a network. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smart security devices, and other IoT devices are examples. 

As the popularity of IoT devices grows at an unprecedented rate, so are the cyber security challenges. Attacking IoT devices can expose sensitive user data. Safeguarding IoT devices is one of the most challenging tasks in Cyber Security, as getting access to these devices can allow other harmful attacks to take place. 

Tyson Stevens, Founder at EduRef

Social Engineering

Hackers manipulate company officials through phishing emails, scareware, quid pro quo, etc. They use human psychology to attain the information to access enterprise software. Hackers can easily manipulate government officials into giving away sensitive information, which they can utilize and later access critical government records and data.

IoT Attacks

Experts report that there will be 11.6 billion IoT devices by 2021; these devices transmit data over a network. Every networked machine is vulnerable to being hacked, accessed, and spied on. If hackers can gain access to these devices, they can attain confidential information through spying on IOT devices of government officials in high-ranking positions.

Bishal Biswas, CEO of Word Finder

The advancement of technology has made working more convenient, creating new cyber security concerns and obstacles. The risk of cyber-threats has severely grown over the last few years. Organizations need to pay attention to the cyber security management to fight against the following cyber security challenges:

Cloud Vulnerability

Cloud vulnerability is one of the biggest cyber security challenges faced by organizations. Cloud vulnerability is common nowadays as companies leverage cloud applications and store sensitive data on the cloud.


Ransomware is an attack involving encrypting data on the target system and demanding a ransom in exchange for letting the user access the data again. Locking down the entire city of Atlanta’s Municipal Government in 2018 is one of the most extreme ransomware examples.

AI-enhanced Cyber Threats

The introduction of AI has significantly impacted marketing, supply chain management, security, manufacturing, and many other fields. But the cybercriminals are misusing this technology by launching sophisticated cyberattacks in complex and adaptive malicious software.

Data Breaches

A data breach is the theft of data by a malicious attacker. Motives of data breaches include crime, a desire to embarrass a particular organization, and espionage. 

In this age of digital transformation and globalization, cybercriminals are constantly looking for new exploits and coming up with advanced ways of damaging the organizations’ sensitive information and threatening National Security.

David Reid, Sales Director at vem-tooling.com

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