What Are Two Major Concerns Regarding IoT Devices?

The internet of things is connecting everything around us, with software applications providing remote access for controlling them. With smart homes, automated cars, and cloud access security, the IoT world is expanding and fast gaining in popularity.

According to Global Statistics, the IoT Market reached a record $100 billion in revenue for 2017. It is expected to rise to $1.6 trillion by 2025. 

With the widespread use of internet-connected devices, there arise the inevitable challenges and concerns of high-tech innovations. So what are the two major concerns while using IoT devices?

Our in-depth research into the IoT world uncovered the top two concerns related to IoT Devices; Security and Privacy.


IoT devices share data communication over a network protocol. That means our data is entering the internet world and is at risk from hackers. Anything connected to the internet is. A hacker needs to find just one weak link and they can bring down entire networks. We could easily lose access to our smart appliances, our security systems, and even our smart homes and cars if there is a security breach. 

A skilled hacker can infiltrate the IoT devices and cause mayhem. The degree of damage caused can vary from disruptive to downright destructive, with millions affected. One of the worst cases recorded was in 2016, the Mirai Malware case where a hacker, using a botnet caused major internet failures, affecting the Guardian, Twitter, CNN, and Netflix among others. It made security cameras hack into other IoT devices.


Another one of the top challenges of IoT use is the risk to our privacy. With our devices taking so much of our personal information and storing it and communicating it through the internet, we need to wonder what happens if there is any glitch in the system. All our personal information could be leaked on the world wide web.

With cybercrimes on the rise in the U.S as well as across the globe, personal data breaches have been on the rise too. In 2020 alone there were a recorded number of 1.001 million data breaches, exposing 155.8 million individuals’ personal records. These numbers can only be expected to rise with the spread of IoT usage.


While the future may hold internet connectivity and cloud access, we can’t ignore the vulnerabilities and risks that come with it. Rather than advancing quickly, we need to advance smarter. The IT professional world will need to focus on IoT problems and solutions. They would need to tackle the issues and challenges alongside if we hope to avoid international security disasters.

Leona Rankin
Founder Leona has worked for years as a Corporate Security Manager until she decided to form the company. She deemed all information regarding security should be regarded as a necessity, especially nowadays where threat may be imminent everywhere, whether in the physical, or the digital world.