What does National Security do?

The federal government is primarily responsible for defending American citizens from internal and external national security threats. The government attains this objective by creating a solid system for defense both at home and abroad, which includes being an active supporter in international conflicts such as World War II or the Afghan War alongside NATO forces that assisted the US troops on behalf of America’s democracy. Whenever necessary, the United States acts as its people’s defender, using military aggression if deemed appropriate- especially against those who seek to destroy America or American interests through disruptive acts such as espionage or terrorism. The American people demand nothing less from their government than adhering strictly to these principles to enshrine their freedom above all else!

The United States first developed the concept of national security after World War II. National security is a critical requirement of the United States to maintain its survival, power projection, and political stability by employing its economic might and diplomatic instruments as backup tactics when appropriate depending on context; whether at home or overseas.

National security is a complex issue with many aspects. The elements of national power are closely related to its intricacies, including military might and political stability and more subtle fields such as economics.

National security is a vital priority and one of the most critical responsibilities of any federal government. By making strategic decisions about future national defense requirements, policymakers can maintain the United States’ superior military strength while avoiding the potential waste of precious resources. The state must always consider national security as sacrosanct, especially when it comes to the financial decisions about how much money gets spent on equipment and personnel training. If this is not done, it results in an obsolete force that cannot effectively protect its citizens from whatever threats might arise.

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Leona Rankin
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