What is more Important, Privacy or National Security?

The 21st century is an age of information and awareness, but should we be willing participants in this trend? Personal privacy may seem like a luxury we cannot afford, with more significant security concerns on everyone’s minds. However, both rights are crucial for various reasons: some people need to keep private matters confidential; others enjoy talking openly without fear their words will end up online or be given away by mistake. The key lies in understanding how each perspective impacts your own life—meaning individual acts can quickly snowball out of control. But it would be best if you also recognized which option would benefit you most depending upon what matters most.

It is disturbing that the NSA can still gain access to our records even with new restrictions. A report revealed in 2016 that a considerable amount of personal information was collected by the NSA. This agency has been gathering more information than was allowed through an obscure process designed to identify suspected terrorist threats, including Americans who are not involved at all.

In times of war, the government has greater latitude in restricting its citizens. The best option for governments is internet surveillance because it makes an effective tool against terrorism. Online surveillance does not harm innocent people and the guilty ones, like when border patrol officers board flights looking for suspected terrorists or searching bags without probable cause. 

Digital surveillance has become a hot topic post-pandemic, with countries worldwide putting aside their privacy concern. The use of mobile apps to trace contacts infected with Covid-19 shows how governments have turned from traditional methods to keep track of the people who are most at risk and susceptible to spreading the infection.

It is clear that in today’s world of connectivity, no country is free from the influence of other nations. Therefore, security outweighs the privacy concerns in every perspective. Still, this relationship will be acceptable to the people whose privacy is at stake only if those (individuals and governments) accessing their private information do not abuse their power.

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Coleen Cotto
Writer Coleen is one of our geeks when it comes to online security- whether digital assets, personal data and other topic involving technological information.