What Is The National Security Agency

The national security agency is an intelligence agency of the federal government that is a part of the United States Department Of Defense. It is managed under the director of DNI.

An intelligence agency does global monitoring, processing, and collection of information electronically from the headquarter in Maryland. Unlike the FBI, NSA is the intelligence gathering business, and its agents don’t make arrests. NSA turns over the information to the military. 

President Harry S. Truman in 1952 formed the NSA to perform a discipline called SIGINT or signals intelligence. Signals intelligence is the information collected by interception of signals. Interception of signals is either the communication between people or via electronic signals.

Twenty years later, the presidential directive established the CSS in order to provide knowledge, assistance to cryptological military communications, and cryptological support.

Together the NSA and CSS form National Security Agency Central Security Service or NSA/CSS. Their job is to create a unified cryptological effort with armed forces and civilian and military leaders to address critical military issues.

Responsibilities of the NSA

NSA is here to protect the integrity of the national communications system and collect information about the secret of foreign adversaries in support of foreign policy and national security.

It plays a twofold role in preserving national security:

  • National security analysts collect and decrypt intelligence from electronic communications, including email, phone calls, photos, social networking, and stored data.
  • NSA uses discovered intelligence in order to protect the national security system and nation’s classified data that is crucial to military operations and other government activities from unauthorized access by our enemies.

In October 2017, the NSA’s new guidelines enabled them to share intercepted communications and raw intelligence before applying domestic or foreign privacy protections. The 16 agencies that will be receiving this information include police departments, federal law enforcement bodies, including the FBI and CIA.

The NSA’s workforce comprises a wide variety of individuals, including analysts and engineers and physicists, linguists, computer scientists, and researchers. Some employees include customer relations specialists, security officers, data flow experts, managers, etcetera

It is also the largest employer of mathematicians in America and possibly worldwide. NSA/CSS mathematicians perform two critical functions for them: they design cryptographic systems to protect American communication and search for weaknesses in their enemy counterparts.

The NSA denies reports claiming that it has an unlimited black budget — undisclosed even to other government agencies. Nevertheless, the agency admitted that it would rank in the top 10% of Fortune 500 companies if it were judged as a corporation.

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