Who is on the National Security Council?

The National Security Council (NSC) is the primary forum that the President of the United States uses to make national security decisions and craft foreign policy with help from his advisors. The NSC is also responsible for coordinating the policies within and between federal agencies. It serves as a central unit that the President utilizes to quickly make critical decisions on behalf of the American people at home and abroad.

Today’s world is rife with challenges that demand a new and broader understanding of national security. This understanding facilitates the coordination between the domestic and foreign policy and the organizations responsible for traditional national security, economic security, and health care safety. The NSC recognizes these realities for what they are – threats to the US no matter where we live or how old we may be.

The President chairs the NSC. The other regular members who attend the NSC meetings include the following officials:

  • The Vice President of the United States
  • The Secretary of the Treasury
  • The Secretary of State
  • The Secretary of Homeland Security
  • The Secretary of Energy
  • The Secretary of Defense
  • The Attorney General
  • US representatives to the UN
  • The Chief of Staff to the President
  • US Agency for International Development’s Administrator 
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs 
  • The Director for National Intelligence 

The other advisors who sometimes attend the NSC meetings when summoned by the Secretary of State include:

  • The Counselor to President
  • The White House Legal Advisor
  • The head of the CIA 

The heads of other departments/agencies and senior officials are invited to attend meetings if needed to address cross-cutting issues such as global public health (e.g., COVID -19), science & technology-related issues, or cybersecurity crises.

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Leona Rankin
Founder Leona has worked for years as a Corporate Security Manager until she decided to form the company. She deemed all information regarding security should be regarded as a necessity, especially nowadays where threat may be imminent everywhere, whether in the physical, or the digital world.